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We deliver Live Online Classes for expectant parents across the UK, delivered on our tailored and interactive platform. We are a modern alternative, drawing on the very latest evidence-based research. And what’s better, our classes are delivered by the country’s leading experts.

Ultimate Antenatal Class

This convenient 1-day class is designed to give 1st-time Mums and partners the tools for the journey into parenthood. Our Midwives will guide you through what you need to know, covering topics such as labour, birth itself, postnatal depression, breastfeeding and Baby First Aid.

Price: £149 per couple

Ultimate Baby First Aid Class

This 3-hour class gives parents, grandparents and carers, the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency. Our Instructors will guide you through the precautions and protocols needed in emergencies that can aid in saving your baby’s life, covering topics such as CPR, choking, burns, lacerations, trauma and other common baby issues.

Price: £59 per couple

Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

Although breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally and is a learned skill. This half-day class will set you up for breastfeeding success and ensure you know how to troubleshoot challenges which may arise. The expert content is delivered by our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

Price: £59 per couple

Special discount if you have private health insurance

We are delighted to announce that, for those with private health insurance, you are entitled to a £50 discount on The Baby Academy’s 1-Day Ultimate Antenatal Class and/or a HALF PRICE discount on The Baby Academy’s Ultimate Breastfeeding Class and on our Ultimate Baby First Aid Class. Simply fill out the form below. Please note that our system does not allow adding this discount to bookings already made.
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Free Baby-Care Workshop

We are running a FREE online Baby-Care Workshop, to give you all the knowledge for those first few days and weeks at home with baby. This 2-hour live workshop will cover everything from cord care to safe sleep.

Free Baby Safety Workshop

We are running a FREE online Baby Safety Workshop. This 90 minute workshop equips you with the tools to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Free ‘Prepare to Breastfeed’ Workshop

We are running a FREE online ‘Prepare to Breastfeed’ Workshop. This 90 minute workshop will show you what you can do now, during pregnancy, to get set for breastfeeding your little one with confidence.

Meet the Family

All of our online classes are delivered by qualified and practicing midwives who are passionate about education and helping you prepare for the arrival of your baby


Co-founder, Midwife and Head of Antenatal Education


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor


Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)


Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor)


Paediatric Nurse


Paediatric Nurse


Paediatric Nurse

Happy Parents

Did a really informative free 2 hour antenatal class. Rebecca was amazing, explained everything clearly, was funny and friendly and you can tell how much she loves what she does and really cares about it.
Kris Barnes
Kris B.
We really enjoyed the full day antenatal course. Ellie did an amazing job! Thank you so much. So glad we signed up for this course, as it is much more detailed than the standard NHS antenatal classes we tried at first. We highly recommend it to expectant parents!
Amanda Badger
Amanda B.
Really helpful course and would recommend for anyone who is having a baby, looking after a baby or looking to have a baby to take this course.
Kyla Brennan
Kyla B.
What an amazing tool for someone like me. Everything is covered using medical research, personal experience and just generic advice. I loved it. You can take on board what fits you. Nothing is pushed upon you. I highly recommend to all first time mums. I learned a lot and also gained more understanding and confidence. It actually encourages you to enjoy this beautiful journey! 🙂
Agnese Jakane
Agnese J.
The courses are very clear and have good explanations and recommendations. Midwives are very thorough (and efficient) in answering all the questions within the remit of the course topic. Would reccomend!
Astha Anand
Astha A.
Couldn’t recommend this enough! Helpful, thorough thoughtful and detailed, especially for first timers. I’ve done multiple classes with The Baby Academy, both free and paid for, and every single one has been a wealth of knowledge and support.
Eve Deakin
Eve D.
Attended the ultimate first aid class today, we felt that it was very informative and took a lot from the session. We found the DR ABC part of the session particularly helpful.
James Hosker
James H.
Thank you very much for great presentation ... so helpful!
Sheila Cambell
Sheila C.
Thank you so much Justine for all your knowledge, advice and enthusiasm. What a fantastic course and we have learnt so much and been reasurred by so much of what you've said.Would definitely recommend this to others.Thank you!
Aaron Laws
Aaron L.
Amazing experience! Very informative for a first time mom like myself! Thank you!
Erica Loroff
Erica L.
really good full day virtual class, definitely reassured us a new parents to be. Rebecca explained and covered all the topics really well and answered all the questions effectively. Highly recommended.
G Rowlands
G R.
Very informative class, and I'd recommend it to everyone I know.Sophie was really passionate and informative, and we learned so much.If you're a parent-to-be and was afraid that you don't know enough - just like we did - then this is the class for you!
Chris Barney
Chris B.
Thank you for the session Rebecca.I will remember what you’ve said about the contractions that will take me closer to my baby. Also I will remover that embracing the pain is good. Really good tips about the oxytocin as well.
Mariana Chindris
Mariana C.
We absolutely loved this course. The free 2 hour baby care workshop was really informative, so we had high expectations for the full day antenatal course, and it didn't disappoint. The midwife leading the session was so professional, reassuring and knowledgable. Compared to other online antenatal classes we looked at or attended, we found this one the most comprehensive and mirrored NHS advice. We asked a few questions in the chat and they were all answered in so much detail. Also super handy to have the presentation, videos and tonnes of other resources for the next 6 months that we can refer back to. This isn't a course to connect with other parents, but that wasn't what we were looking for. Can't wait for the breastfeeding course now!!Thanks again!
Jemma Bailey
Jemma B.
Thoroughly enjoyed this course, so informative and Ellie is brilliant too. She was able to answer everyone’s questions and was really lovely. I have now left this course feeling much more prepared and armed with knowledge. Thank you so much - keep up the great work.
Becci Evans
Becci E.
Fantastic service from the Baby Academy, I’ve done two courses now with Rachel and both have been incredibly helpful, she’s got so much knowledge and answers all the questions you have, definitely well worth the money and if I could give more than 5* I would!
Danielle Manson
Danielle M.
Fantastic online all day course with Midwife Ellie. Super informative and lots of practical tips for us as first time parents. We weren’t made to feel pressured to do anything, and it was stressed throughout it’s your birth, YOUR choice!Would 100% definitely recommend to friends and family.
Katie Bartlett
Katie B.
Lots of useful information. The host Ellie very lovely, kind, and patient. Thank you very much for the opportunity to get my concerns off my head. I'm looking forward to applying what I've learned today and I am very excited and I am feeling more confident now about handling situations that may occur. There were a lot of myths that I heard around me, some of them from people without experience or from people that they think they know everything etc. Or people who think that what was good for them, is good for yourself as well. But now I can easily make the difference and I can distinguish what is myth and what is something for real. It's better when you can hear the truth or confirmation from an expert. Especially when is about your little baby. You will want the best for your little one. Thank you again and I will warmly recommend you in the future! Lots of love ♥️
Elena Ancuta Lela
Elena Ancuta L.
As first time parents during lockdown we found this course invaluable. The midwife who lead the course, Ellie, had recently had a baby herself, was very knowledgeable and answered everyone’s questions in a friendly professional manner. It truly was an eye opening course which has made us feel more prepared. We did the free ‘baby care’ course and the paid ‘antenatal all- day course which was worth the money and have since recommended it to several friends. Thank you very much BabyAcademy!
Kathy Allan
Kathy A.
Completed the full online workshop and Anne was an amazing teacher. Felt extremely informed and empowered after the sessions. She was so friendly and engaging. Took time to answer all questions and from this I now feel more confident going into the last stage of my pregnancy and more prepared for labor. Thank you Baby Academy, look forward to completing the next online class with you!
Katherine Moss
Katherine M.
Thank you Ellie for the great free antenatal class this morning, was so informative and helpful. would happily recommend to anyone!
Jonathan Hopey
Jonathan H.
We found the session so helpful and really informative, Sophie did an excellent job.Thank you so much!!
Heather Cartwright
Heather C.
The online class was great, really enjoyed it. Sophie and Ghislaine were both very kind and approachable. Definitely feel more prepared of what to expect during birth and labour now. The resource pack and video recordings they send after the class are also really useful. I absolutely love the Baby Academy Instagram page as well, full of handy tips and resources. These classes are a heaven-sent during these Covid times, especially for first-time parents with lots of questions.
Margarita Jackson
Margarita J.
What an amazing and informative day course! A huge thank you to our course facilitator and midwife Sophie - she was so knowledgeable, engaging and clear to follow. We definitely feel more prepared for our baby. Thank you so much 🙂
Amy Bailey
Amy B.
Really good classes, me and my partner did the baby care class which is 2 hours and then decided to do the full day class. As first time parents it can be overwhelming, but with both classes we can safely say that being informed has really made us feel at ease.We had 2 different midwifes, I cannot remember the First Ladies name (sorry) but the second lady was Ellie. They were both amazing, they take their time to go through everything and questions after. With everything virtually at the moment as well that really helped.I have recommended to friends that are pregnant as well and will happily recommend to others too.Thank you baby academy for making both of us feel more relaxed about the rest of the pregnancy and start to parenthood.
Jessica Allen
Jessica A.
the course was great, very informative, and questions answered in depth where needed.thanks for a great session.
Dominique Bolt
Dominique B.
I learned so much and I feel so excited now for my baby girl to arrive! Being able to ask questions helped so much - it's so hard at the moment with Covid and feeling isolated. I will definitely be recommending this class!
Domoni Main
Domoni M.
My husband and I originally signed up for the free online 2 hour baby care workshop as all NHS classes are unfortunately not running. We found it so useful, that we didn’t hesitate to book the full day course which covered everything from labour to baby CPR. Laura provided us with with so much useful information, that we now feel so much more prepared for the arrival of our little one in January. Thanks so much Baby Academy for all your help ☺️
Sophie Gillies
Sophie G.
A great tutorial for both baby care and a more detailed course on labour, baby CPR and much more.I was lucky enough to have Sophie for both my courses and she was fab!I would recommend Baby Academy to anyone who is looking for a professional, detailed and helpful on line antenatal course.
Erinn Maxwell
Erinn M.
Very helpful and well presented course. Would recommend to others.
Kirstin Russell
Kirstin R.
We attended the recent full day antenatal class and it was so engaging and informative. I couldn't recommend it enough - so glad we booked it.Thank you 😀
Reena Fearon
Reena F.
Thank you so much! Very useful and informative!Would highly recommend for first time parents
Jacquelyn Kelly
Jacquelyn K.
My cousin attended these and it was an absolute game changer! She was super stressed before but these classes allayed all of the fears and doubts she was having about pregnancy! Could not recommend highly enough!
William Robbins
William R.
Amazing session with Sophie. She covered everything and more. Me and my husband are very excited and feel more prepared. Thank you xx
sian hayes
sian H.
Was absolutely panicking about becoming a first time father. Baby academy immediately put me at ease and the Instagram page is so helpful for any little questions or queries you may have.The day course was extremely informative and gave us first timers so much more confidence going into this whole process.Thanks a million Baby Academy 🙂
Andrew Woods
Andrew W.
Excellent course, I would highly recommend!
Shona Walsh
Shona W.
Absolutely fantastic.
David Joseph Lewis
David Joseph L.
Amazing experience from start to finish. The tutors were great and no hassle doing everything virtually from home given these times. Very informative for a first time parent, would hugely reccomend
Eoin Gilley
Eoin G.
Really great service offered by the Baby academy team. Would recommend
Eric Walsh
Eric W.
I can't recommend this antenatal class enough! Lots of my friends have babies so I thought I knew enough of the basics but Ellie taught me so much useful info. My boyfriend feels so much more confident and can't wait for the little one to come along and put everything we learnt to practice 🥰
Emma Nulty
Emma N.

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