Beauty Tips for pregnancy


Skin care tips

  • Aqueous creams are great for dry skin. Check with your pharmacist which product is best for you.
  • Coconut oil, shea butter or sweet almond oil are better for very dry patches.
  • Your skin is more sensitive to sun exposure during pregnancy. It can even cause brown spots to appear. Sunscreen protection should be worn daily where the skin is exposed to sunshine.
  • Stress can cause the hormone cortisol to be released, leading to inflammation of the skin and acne. So try to avoid any stressful situations or environments where you can.
  • A varied diet will benefit your skin greatly, in combination with drinking plenty of water, 2 litres minimum a day.

Stretch marks tips

  • Rubbing cream or oil on your bumps, hips, and breasts every night can help with the prevention of stretch marks
  • Eat foods containing healthy unsaturated fats as found in oily fish, avocados, vegetable oils and nuts – as long as you’re not allergic.

Other tips

  • A goodnight’s sleep is key to feeling and looking good during pregnancy. While you sleep your body delivers fluid to organs and tissues that need replenishing. While other excess fluids are removed. You also release human growth hormones while you sleep, which helps you produce collagen. This is the protein that helps make hair shiny, nails strong and skin glowing.