Fetal Movements in Pregnancy


Feeling your baby moving and kicking during pregnancy is one of the nicest things about being pregnant!

Fetal movements are a good indicator that your baby is well. You should start to feel your baby moving any time from around 18-24 weeks pregnant, each pregnancy is different. At first this will feel like slight flutters, popping, or bubbling, women describe it in many ways! Then gradually these movements will become more frequent and feel more like kicking, pushing and rolling movements as your baby grows.

There is no set number of times your baby should be moving per day, each baby is different so we encourage you to get to know the normal pattern of movement for your baby. From 28-32 weeks your baby should start to develop their normal daily routine of movements and this should continue until the end of your pregnancy.  Your baby’s movements should not slow down or change pattern at the end of your pregnancy, your baby will continue to move right up until you go into labour and even throughout your labour. The type of movements may change, your baby will not be flipping around towards the end of your pregnancy as there is less room for them to move, however the frequency and pattern of movements should stay the same.

If you are ever worried that your baby’s movements have stopped, slowed or the pattern has changed then contact your midwife or maternity unit immediately. Changes in movements from your baby can be an indication that your baby is unwell. Please do not use a home doppler to reassure yourself, as the presence of a heart beat alone does not indicate that all is well with your baby if the movements have changed. Do not wait and see or wait until your next appointment, your maternity unit will be open 24/7 and you will be able to go anytime if you have concerns. It is always best to go and get checked and have a healthy baby and a reassured mummy!

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