Self care tips when pregnant and positive for COVID19


Although we are all trying our best to stay home and self isolate and avoid COVID 19 there are some of you who are key workers or needing to leave your house for daily tasks and you may find yourself positive for COVID 19. If your symptoms are mild and you are able to care for yourself at home then follow these self care tips below to keep yourself and your baby healthy and happy and hopefully on your way to a speedy recovery.

Please do not delay seeking further medical treatment if you feel you are becoming increasingly unwell or you have any concerns about your pregnancy.

Tips on how to make it through a pandemic when pregnant:

  • Firstly be kind to yourself. It isn’t your fault, so do whatever keeps you happy. This calls for some serious YOU time! So binge watch your favourite series, watch movies, eat cookies and ice cream and take long relaxing baths.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and eat well. Your body needs all the energy it can get to help fuel those fighting antibodies! Bear in mind what foods to avoid in pregnancy, learn all about this here.
  • Keep in touch with your midwife or obstetrician. You will not be able to attend in person but you should not miss out on your routine appointments. I’m sure you have all become experts with online calls and midwives have too! So they will be happy to arrange a consultation with you over the phone or online.
  • Keep as active as your body allows. Laps of your house or garden, up and down the stairs, Joe Wicks YouTube workouts, gentle yoga stretches, whatever you can manage! This keeps blood flowing, strengthens your muscles and is generally great for your mental health.
    When your body is telling you to rest, then please rest, but if you have a little energy then use it for some gentle exercise.
  • Keep remembering to take those pregnancy multivitamins!
  • Monitor your baby’s movements, if you have any concerns then please contact your local maternity unit.
  • You will still be able to have treatment in hospital for any pregnancy concerns, just call ahead to your maternity unit and they will arrange an isolation room for you.

Individual circumstances will vary so please always take your care providers advice first as this is based on your individual needs.

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