Should you purchase a flat head pillow?


Flat head pillows are not currently advised due to risk of overheating and suffocation. Baby should be on a flat, firm, waterproof mattress. Please see Lullaby Trust for further information around pillow, pods and nests.

FHS can be avoided by doing regular tummy time with your baby – please check out our IGTV for our Tummy Time Video.

Remember you will be picking up, changing, cuddling and feeding your baby throughout the 24 hours and they will remain flat for 2-3 hour periods at the most as newborns before waking and needing some loving attention. You can also change the position of the toy mobile above the crib to encourage them to move their head, use a baby chair/bouncer during wakeful periods, alternate the side you feed them on and use a sling or carrier to alternate their position and reduce the risk of plagiocephaly or ‘flat head syndrome’.

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