The best way to cool a room down for baby on a hot night


While parts of the country have been especially hot this time of year, the heat can be uncomfortable at times and especially challenging when it comes to keeping young children cool.

Bedroom temperatures can hover above 30 degrees, far too hot for your little one to sleep safely in. Babies can’t manage their temperatures as well as adults can, so mums and dads need to be careful about how to measure and control the temperature of their baby.

The best tip is to leave a few windows open in your home throughout the day to allow the air to circulate and leave the bedroom window open at night. You can use a fan but be sure to not have it directly on the baby and do not have the baby next to the open window. A direct breeze on them can make them very cold very quickly.

Every baby is different, so as the temperature fluctuates, adjust your baby’s clothing according to how they feel when you check their core temperature using your hand on their chest or back, don’t check their hands or feet as these parts are always cooler.

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