What to Bring on a Flight with your Baby


Packing correctly for your baby benefits both you and your baby. In this blog, I will discuss the travel essentials you need when traveling on a plane with a newborn up to 12 months of age. Regardless of the distance of your flight, you will need your carry-on well-equipped with everything you need for a successful journey.

Food is essential for your baby while traveling. If you are nursing, you’re in good shape and need only remember to nurse the baby on take-off and landing to protect their ears from changes in pressure. If you are not nursing, you’ll need to take your bottles, and perhaps a couple of extra empty ones. There is no need to try washing or sterilizing on a plane. However, you can mix your formula on the flight and you can request hot water from the flight attendant. If your baby is onto solids, pack your own food such as jars, packets, or meals as you do not want to be reliant on what the airline will offer you.

There are a number of ways to entertain your baby at all stages while on a flight. Depending on the age of your baby, this could include a variety of things. For babies under the age of 6 months, you need a couple of rattles and books. Preferably bath books to regular ones as they are lighter to transport and easier to clean. For older babies, finger foods and tactile toys are great ways to entertain them.

On top of food and entertainment, there are other essentials you need for your flight. An extra change of clothes, (2 if it’s a long flight), diapers (if you think you’ll need 2, pack 4 – you could accidentally drop one in the toilet – it’s happened), wet wipes, and scent-removal diaper removal bags. If your baby is using a pacifier, don’t forget to pack an extra. It is also recommended to pack an extra blanket so you don’t have to use the ones from the plane, which can be rough and dirty. Moreover, flights are cold, so an extra sweater, socks, and a hat is also a good idea