Why won’t my baby sleep through the night?


All babies and children are different and will adapt to sleeping through the night at different times… eventually.

Your baby is after spending the past nine months steeping a warm dark bath and don’t yet know the difference between day and night. For postnatal women, milk production hormones are higher at night so babies will wake and feed regularly in the early hours.

You can begin to help your baby understand day and night routine by keeping the night feeds very quiet and with the lights very low. Avoid having the tv or other screens on in the background during feeds which can lead to wakefulness because of the light.

During the day be sure to let in plenty of natural light by opening the curtains and make sure to talk to and engage with your baby as this will help them begin to understand the differences between day and night.

Remember that there is no set time for sleeping through the night and times such as illness; coughs and colds and other changes will cause children to wake at night for comfort.

Your baby needs very little to sleep comfortably – a safe sleep space such as a Moses basket, a cellular blanket within a room ranging between 16-20C. Ensure that the cot and mattress you’re using complies with safe sleeping guidelines, available from the Lullaby Trust.

Ensure you’re putting your baby to sleep safely and securely, find out how to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and much more…