Meet the family

Our Antenatal Class instructors, who are qualified and practicing Midwives, truly believe that knowledge is power and our goal is to help prepare and empower parents!


Co-founder, Midwife and Head of Antenatal Education

Sue is co-founder of The Baby Academy, Midwife, Antenatal Instructor and a busy Mum of two. With over 15 years’ experience Sue has worked in all areas of Midwifery such as Delivery Suite, Antenatal wards, Postnatal wards and currently manages The Antenatal Education Department in a large Maternity Hospital.


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Ghislaine is a senior midwife with the UK Emergency Medical Team and currently works in clinical education. Ghislaine completed her midwifery training in 2002 at the Florence Nightingale Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College London and has worked continuously since then, gaining a wealth of experience in all aspects of maternity care. She has a great interest in antenatal education and loves working with prospective parents to help prepare them for the incredible experience of childbirth.


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Ellie has 9 years’ experience as a midwife including antenatal, labour, postnatal care and antenatal education. She has worked extensively with young parents delivering all aspects of midwifery with the caseload model of care and the Family Nurse Partnership programme. Her main passion lies in empowering women to be confident in their ability to grow and care for their babies. Ellie currently works with vulnerable families in a large London teaching hospital.


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Anne has experience working in all aspects of midwifery with specialist interest in homebirth’s. Anne works in a busy UK teaching hospital as a Caseload Midwife, providing continuity of care to vulnerable women and their families. Anne’s passions lies in teaching and parent education and believes that knowledge is the key to empowerment.


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Laura brings to The Baby Academy almost a decade experience as a Midwife and has experience working in all aspects of Midwifery. Laura has worked on the labour ward, postnatal ward, birth centre and in the community with young parents and vulnerable women. Laura has also spent 3 years working in Dubai on both a labour ward and in the community supporting families with their babies up to 18 months old.


Midwife and Antenatal Instructor

Sophie is an experienced midwife, having worked in all areas of maternity care, in addition to clinical trials and maternity research. Sophie has worked with families from all walks of life and an exotic range of countries. She is passionate about educating and empowering new parents, in line with the latest evidence.


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Kay has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for almost a decade and brings her experience of almost 30 years of Midwifery to The Baby Academy. Kay works in a busy NHS hospital as the Infant feeding lead. She provides evidence based feeding support and antenatal education for parents and is deeply passionate about supporting parents to feed their babies. Kay has also worked for over 10 years as Senior Midwife in a birthing centre.

Here at The Baby Academy we are looking to grow our team so that we can empower as many mothers and fathers as possible. If you are a Midwife, Doctor, Consultant, or if you would like to work with our ever-growing office support team, please get in touch: reception@mybabyacademy.co.uk. We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping parents.