Why Choose Us?


Our emphasis is on the practical and our midwives draw on the very latest evidence-based research.

We don’t preach

Whether you’d like a hospital birth, home birth, water birth, epidural or c-section, our class is the place for you. We aim to prepare people for any eventuality in labour and to inspire them to feel great about themselves whatever type of birth they end up having, and whatever style of parenting they choose.

CPR and choking

We believe baby first aid is one of the most important things you can learn as an expectant parent so, unlike most other antenatal courses, we’ve included it for no extra cost. The skills you will learn cover what to do if your baby is unconscious, not breathing or choking.


We understand parents are busy, so have designed a one-day comprehensive class that takes place on a Saturday.

Continued support

Our friendly and supportive experts are more than happy to answer your questions or talk you through any concerns you may be having after the class has finished and during your first few months with your new baby.

First class teaching

We are extremely proud of our carefully selected team of midwives. Not only do they have the highest level of qualifications and experience, they are engaging, inspiring and, without a doubt, amongst the most well-loved antenatal experts in the UK.

Make friends for life

Having friends who live locally with babies the same age can be invaluable during the early days of parenthood, as well as for many years to come. We make sure everyone’s due dates are around the same time to ensure companionship and support when it counts, and of course a ready-made group of buddies for your babies!